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Empowering Small Businesses, Strengthening Communities: Unite with WBGBN Today

Membership Fees with WBGBN: Building Prosperous Communities Together

Unlock exclusive benefits, unparalleled networking opportunities, and tailored solutions to propel your business toward success and community impact. Become a part of our vibrant ecosystem today!

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Join WBGBN: Where Quality Networking and Tailored Solutions Meet

Choose WBGBN for tailored solutions, unparalleled networking opportunities, and recognition that propels your business and community impact forward. Join us in fostering growth and excellence today!

Diverse Networking Community

Connect with professionals from various backgrounds and industries.

Quality Relationship Building

Foster genuine connections with like-minded individuals for mutual support.

Valuable Educational Content

Gain access to informative workshops and seminars for skill enhancement.

Professional Consults Available

Receive expert advice and guidance from industry professionals in your field.

Financial Assistance Programs

Access resources and support to aid in business growth and development.

Recognition and Highlighting

Showcase your achievements and milestones within our supportive community.

Cost-Effective Membership Fees

Enjoy affordable rates for valuable networking and growth opportunities.

Empowering Business Growth

Unlock resources and connections to fuel the expansion of your business.

Supporting Sustainable Communities

Contribute to the development and prosperity of local and global communities.

How it works

Simplifying Networking for Business Growth

Joining WBGBN is simple: pay your membership fee, gain access to a wealth of resources and networking opportunities, and watch your business thrive within our vibrant community.

Geographic Expansion

 Experience our journey of growth as we strategically expand to new geographic areas, bringing the benefits of BBNGI to a broader audience.

Specialized Chapters

 Tailoring our approach, we’re launching specialized chapters to cater to niche industries, ensuring our network meets the unique needs of all members.

Member Referrals

Be the catalyst for our community’s growth by referring colleagues and associates who can benefit from our unique offerings.


 Expand your horizons by participating in collaborations with local businesses and organizations, broadening our collective reach and impact.

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions.

Answer: Membership fees are flexible, and tailored to your level of engagement with BBNGI.

Answer: Enjoy benefits including financial support, expert guidance, networking opportunities, skill enhancement, and recognition.

Answer: To apply for a micro loan, submit a viable business plan for review by our committee.

Answer: Membership benefits are updated regularly to cater to the evolving needs of our members.

Answer: Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time with proper notice.