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Leadership Development: Join Our Impactful Workshop Series


Discover a wealth of knowledge and expertise through BBNGI’s diverse range of workshops and seminars designed to enhance professional skills, foster meaningful connections, and drive business growth.

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Choose Excellence, Choose WBGBN for Your Growth

Choose BBNGI for Unrivaled Workshop and Seminar Experiences. Elevate Your Skills, Expand Your Network, and Ignite Your Success

Industry Expertise

Gain insights from seasoned professionals.

Networking Opportunities

Expand your network with like-minded individuals

Professional Development

Enhance your skills and expertise.

Business Growth Strategies

Learn strategies for sustainable business growth.

Collaboration Opportunities

Partner with industry leaders for mutual success.

Tailored Workshops

Customized sessions to meet your specific needs.

Diverse Seminars

Explore a wide range of industry topics.

Industry Insights

Stay updated with the latest trends and insights.

Skill Enhancement

Develop and refine your professional skills.

How it works

Plug into Progress: How Our Workshops Propel You Forward

At BBNGI, our workshops and seminars are like dynamic playgrounds where knowledge meets fun. Dive into interactive sessions tailored for growth and success!

Geographic Expansion

 Experience our journey of growth as we strategically expand to new geographic areas, bringing the benefits of BBNGI to a broader audience.

Specialized Chapters

 Tailoring our approach, we’re launching specialized chapters to cater to niche industries, ensuring our network meets the unique needs of all members.

Member Referrals

Be the catalyst for our community’s growth by referring colleagues and associates who can benefit from our unique offerings.


 Expand your horizons by participating in collaborations with local businesses and organizations, broadening our collective reach and impact.

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions.

Visit our website and find the upcoming workshop schedule.

Workshops are open to both members and non-members.

Workshops are scheduled regularly, check our events page for details.

Yes, members have opportunities to lead workshops and share expertise.

Yes, recordings are accessible to workshop participants.